Dear student:

I hope your upcoming spring break is productive and allows you to take a breath in the midst of a very active spring semester. 

As we move into warmer weather and see an increase in outside activity, I wanted to share a brief reminder of information you received in the fall regarding expressive activities on campus.

VCU is a very diverse community with a myriad of differing viewpoints reflecting each of our personal lenses through which we see, and experience, the world. This diversity of viewpoint and opinion is a tremendous asset to our community. Our hope is that you engage in conversations with people who share similar and dissimilar perspectives. The university is committed to fostering a climate that encourages civil and spirited discourse through classes, events, and the public forum. 

VCU is also obligated, as a public university, to ensure a strong commitment to the First Amendment and Virginia law. The First Amendment prohibits prior restraint on speech and taking adverse action against individuals or groups, whether affiliated with the university or not, based on the viewpoints of that speech. Expressive activities, notwithstanding content, are protected speech at a public institution of higher education such as VCU. This freedom of speech also encompasses the rights of those who present those differing viewpoint.

Our Reservation and Use of Space policy clarifies how expressive activities occur at VCU. A list of Frequently Asked Questions can assist with questions that we have been asked previously, including but not limited to those pertaining to time, place, manner, costs, and major events. We also have a team of staff members through the Division of Student Affairs who are available to consult and are often in attendance when expressive activities occur on campus. The Dean of Students office is available throughout the year to meet with students who have specific questions or concerns and can be reached at or 804-828-8940.   

Thank you for your support of expressive activity and your willingness to engage in productive civil discourse on our campus.


Charles Klink, Ph.D.
Senior Vice Provost
Division of Student Affairs | | Sitterding House, 901 Floyd Ave