Update - August 2019


As advised to the public today, the new $20 banknote will be released into general circulation from 9 October 2019. This follows the release of the new $50 banknote last year.

With just over eight weeks to go, we are continuing to work on education and training materials to help you prepare your staff and stakeholders for the release. The new $20 Banknote Security Feature Flyer highlights the key security features of the new banknotes and can be found on the Bank's website. If you would like these in hard copy, please feel free to contact us and we will arrange to have them sent out to you. 

While they will soon be shipped around the country in time for release, as with any new banknote it will take time for them to be widely available. Existing $20 banknotes can continue to be used, as all previously issued banknotes remain legal tender.

Please note that the new $20 banknotes have been printed with two different signature combinations: Lowe/Fraser and Lowe/Gaetjens. The reason for this is that an early print run of the new $20 banknotes commenced while John Fraser still held the position of Secretary to the Treasury. The signature block was changed to reflect Philip Gaetjens’ appointment prior to the commencement of the full production run.


The following test banknotes are available for order:

  • New $20 production banknotes (with both signature blocks) for machine users and banknote equipment manufacturers.
  • New $20 production banknotes in shrink-wrapped bundles (‘bricks’) with consecutive serial numbers for machine users and banknote equipment manufacturers.
  • New $100 transportation banknotes for banknote equipment manufacturers.

If you would like to borrow these banknotes, or have any questions, please contact IndustryEngagement@rba.gov.au.

New $100 production banknotes will be available later this year for calibration purposes for banknote equipment manufacturers. These banknotes are part of the first print run that will be issued into circulation.




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