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Co-workers with masks on indoors and walking together while walking

Dear VCU community,

As an institution, we embrace diversity and inclusion as core values, continuously working to promote inclusive excellence and transformative success through research, education, training and policy compliance.

Guided in part by the extensive study and recommendations made by VCU's task force on Individual, Institutional and Systemic Bias (Task.ISB), we will be implementing the following strategic policy and program reforms this spring to demonstrate our continued commitment to a more diverse and fair university culture:

  • In order to remedy issues that serve as barriers to incident reporting, investigating and timely resolution of complaints that comply with updated federal regulations, both the Title IX and Preventing and Responding to Discrimination policies have been updated and will be available for public comment.
  • In response to Task.ISB's identified need for the university to enhance response systems to better address the aforementioned issues, VCU will change the name "Bias Response Team" to "Campus Inclusion Resource Team", or CIRT, and placing it organizationally under the Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success (IES). The first charge of CIRT will be to develop a Bias-Related Incidents policy, which will include definitions for bias and hate crimes and mechanisms for addressing bias-related incidents.
  • IES will establish an Equity and Employment Opportunities office in order to renew VCU's focus on addressing current limitations around policy, infrastructure and incident response without sacrificing the important work surrounding Title IX. The new office will have central oversight over discrimination and bias response initiatives and serve as the Affirmative Action office for the university.
  • And finally, VCU will enhance the affirmative action planning executive dashboard.

To support this work, the following trainings will be launching in the spring:

  • Mandatory Non-Discrimination Training (Employees)
  • Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Certificate Program (Employees)

In addition, the following trainings are already available:

Your remarkable support, partnership and dedication to the VCU mission is appreciated as we navigate this time of great change.


Aashir Nasim, Ph.D.
Vice president of institutional equity, effectiveness and success (IES)
Professor and director, Institute for Inclusion, Inquiry and Innovation

Email: Web: