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Let’s check-in and recap how your semester is going, .

Have you been staying on track? What accomplishment are you most proud of so far? Are there any changes you might want to make?

Progress reports have been submitted by faculty. You will get an email (in your VCU account) if a progress report has been issued. If you see one, don’t panic, progress reports are a great way to help alert you if you aren’t staying on track. Your faculty submit these reports because they care about your success in their class. This is a great point in the semester to make any changes needed to improve your academics.

Through the progress report, your professor is letting you know that you might have low quiz or test grades, missed classes, or there are other areas that need attention and are key to your success. 

If you were waiting for a reason to talk to your professors, this is a great opportunity to do that. Set up a time to talk with them so you can create a plan to get back on track.

At this point in the semester, sometimes we need to try something new.  Here are some new study strategies you can test out:

  • Draw a picture. Take information for any subject and make it into a visual.
  • Quiz yourself. This is a Campus Learning Center favorite. Try it by taking the headers in your notes or slides and see what you can fill in from memory.
  • Read and reflect. Read a textbook just a paragraph at a time and make notes as you go. Put what you read into your own words for deeper understanding.

As always, we are here to support your success! Email us if you need our support:

Have a great week!

Michal Zivan Coffey
Director, VCU Campus Learning Center
Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success

P.S. Missed previous emails? You can find them on the CLC website.

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