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Hello VCU student!

Remember way back at the start of the semester, when you first made yourself this great plan for your academic success? You set goals, identified things you wanted to achieve this semester, and the grades you want to earn! 

Now is a fantastic time to check in on those goals! Maybe they got hidden away or forgotten about, or maybe you never got around to writing them down. (It isn’t too late!) Or, maybe you're finding that you're right on target!

So, let's check in: What did you want to achieve this semester? How are you doing?

Are you:

  • On track, goals are straight ahead!
  • Partially on track, goals are in sight, but some course correction is needed
  • Oops, jumped the track. Lost sight of the path to accomplishing my goals, but I can correct my course and get back to moving in the right direction.

No matter how you answered the question, there are some great strategies you can use now to be sure you are getting where you want to be at the end of the semester. But, a word of caution: Sometimes in the middle of the semester, when we evaluate our goals, we start revising our goals. I’d like to challenge you: Instead of revising your goals, could you revise your behaviors?

  • Are the actions you are taking in line with your goals?
  • How can your actions be changed to better support your goals?

Spring is the start of a new season. Treat your academic habits to a spring cleaning.  If something isn’t moving you forward, try a new strategy. Take a look at some of our favorite strategies for achieving success and let us know if you have any questions.

With half of the semester left, now is a great time to try something new! As always, we are here to support your success! Email us at


Michal Zivan Coffey
Director, VCU Campus Learning Center
Strategic Enrollment Management and Student Success


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