The news that continues to unfold is causing strong emotional reactions that range from anger, confusion, betrayal, regret, sadness, shock, loss, to resignation and acceptance.  Many family members may also be frustrated and angry wondering about the many sacrifices they made in support of their loved ones. 

From the fall of Saigon in Vietnam, to the withdrawal from Somalia after the battle of Mogadishu, to the ISIS take-over of Fallujah, Ramadi, Mosul, and Tikrit, far too many veterans experienced the same heavy burden of loss, disappointment, and helplessness that our newest generations of veterans may be feeling watching the Taliban take over. 

Those who served in Afghanistan did their mission with honor, valor, and distinction.  

We want to remind our veterans that you have our gratitude and you are not alone. Veterans live with the principle that their service is never done. They continue to serve, to support their fellow veterans, to meet them where they are and share sorrows and joys together.  Family members, Gold Star Families, and friends may also be having strong reactions and feelings and we must rally to support them. 

My ask for our allies and veterans in Washington State is to reach out so that we can provide you with the support you need.  We also ask you to please share your voice to engage other veterans who may need a little extra help. It is natural to experience strong emotions especially now, but even more important is that they are channeled in ways that are healthy.   

Remember that our veterans community is full of individuals who have been down similar paths.  Our Vietnam veterans faced incredible emotional challenges after leaving VietnamThey served during a time when the public could not separate the warrior from the administration’s policies which caused a lifetime of emotional pain for many.  In their journey to resiliency, they vowed that what happened to them would not happen to others.  They changed the tide to where now the public values our warriors’ service and sacrifices regardless of the policies.  They, as many other veterans in our agency, have your backs and I know are willing to listen.

​​​​​Your Washington Department of Veterans Affairs can be a gateway and resource to supportive programs such as the War Trauma Counseling Program, Veterans Peer Corps, Vet Corps, and other resources. We can also facilitate a connection to other programs and organizations.  We just need to hear from you so that we can be there for you!


Below are several resources and sites to explore:  

-WDVA Counseling and Wellness - Counseling and Wellness | WDVA (

-Afghanistan: How spouses, caregivers can support Veterans with PTSD - Afghanistan: How spouses, caregivers can support Veterans with PTSD | VAntage Point  This is the third in a four-part series about Afghanistan Veterans and how they can get help through VA. Read the other parts:
-Part 1: Afghanistan: How Veterans can reconcile service
-Part 2: Afghanistan: How Veterans can learn from Vietnam Veterans
-Vet Centers for War Veterans Counseling: Find your nearest Vet Center
-Washington State Employee Assistance Program:

Thank you to our veterans and their families for their service and sacrifices,

​​​​​With gratitude,


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Operation Present Arms is a way everyone can Serve Those Who Served! 

Getting vaccinated supports people working in healthcare settings, protects friends and neighbors who are immunocompromised, helps people who are too young or sick to be vaccinated, and prevents the spread of

Join Operation Present Arms and schedule your COVID-19 Vaccine today!

Operation Present Arms PSA Video from Your Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee (VAAC)

Walla Walla Veterans Home

Our Walla Walla Veterans Home Honored Residents had the opportunity to visit the historical B-17 warplane “Sentimental Journey” that has traveled to Walla Walla this week!

Sentimental Journey is one of just five active B-17 planes currently flying in the world today. (Around 12,700 B-17 planes were manufactured during WWII.)

The plane visits over 40 locations in the United States annually... and we were honored to be able to tour it.

Sending special thanks to our WWVH Drivers, Office Assistants, and Activities Leaders who made this happen for WWVH residents!

#ServingThoseWhoServed #TheseAreOurHeroes

Spokane Veterans Home

On Friday, August 13, Spokane Veterans Home Residents who were transferred to the Mann-Grandstaff VA Medical Center began moving back to the Spokane Veterans Home.

Nine residents were receiving care at MGVAMC, but because they do not require that higher level of care they are able to return home.

The Spokane Veterans Home team will continue to closely monitor each resident, and if their conditions require additional care, we will reach out to the MGVAMC or local hospitals.

Additional information is available here:

Washington Soldiers Home in Orting

WA Soldiers Home Residents Commemorate the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics

The roar of competitors could be heard from a distance during the WA Soldiers Home commemoration of the 2020 + 1 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. Residents exercised their shooting skills at the Target Shooting Event.

The competition mounted with each SWISH and POP of crossbows and cork guns! The Target Shoot medal recipients are: Bronze Medal—Doug Brown; Silver Medal—Christopher Welch; Gold Medal—Ricky Rash. #TheseAreOurHeroes #Olympics

Washington Veterans Home in Port Orchard

In honor of the Olympics, the Recreation staff and residents are doing a few of their own events.  Of course they will have a twist.  Todays event was Broom field hockey.  Everyone had so much fun there were requests to make it an recurring activity.

Apprenticeship for Veterans

Apprenticeship is a combination of on-the-job training (OJT) and related classroom instruction under the supervision of a journey-level craft person or trade professional in which workers learn the practical and theoretical aspects of a highly skilled occupation.

Learn More: Apprenticeship | WDVA (

Veterans Apprenticeship

For more information on available Veterans Conservation Corps internships or how to get connected with Veterans Conservation Corps, please contact Kim Pham at

Nominate Now: WA State Outstanding Award for Service to Veterans

Outstanding Service to Veterans Awards

Washington State Outstanding Award For Service to Veterans Nominations are now open and we need YOUR help in nominating our community leaders.

This is an award open to all who serve veterans in Washington State. Nominations may be submitted by any person, organization, or institution.

Awards include:

Superior Award - This award is the Committee's highest honor and is given to recognize clearly superior accomplishments, achievements and outstanding performance.

Distinguished Service Award - This award is used to recognize significant accomplishments and special contributions.

Team Award - This award is designed to recognize significant accomplishments of a team or group of individuals. This may be for their contributions on a special project, special contribution and outstanding performance.

NOMINATE NOW: Washington State Outstanding Award For Service to Veterans (

Veterans Peer Corps Mentor Virtual Training

Veterans Peer Corps Virtual Training Flyer

Learn More - WA Cares Fund

LEARN MORE – WA Cares Fund

Washington State is the first in the nation to develop a way to make long-term care affordable for all workers in the state as we age.

The WA Cares Fund is a new fund to which we all contribute while we are working, and through which we can access long-term care when we need it 

Do my VA Benefits Qualify Me for the Exemption?

To qualify for an exemption, you must:

  • Have long-term care insurance in place or purchased before 11/1/2021
  • Be at least 18
  • Apply to ESD for an exemption.

VA benefits aren’t a ‘one-size fits all’ type of benefit. Not everyone who’s eligible for VA benefits may be eligible for long-term care services. To find out if your benefits include long-term care, please go to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Veterans Homes | WDVA ( where long-term care is referenced for veterans who are rated 70 to 100 percent Service Connected Disabled. If you have long-term care available to you through the VA, you may qualify for an exemption.

  • Email and a member of our team at the Employment Security Department will follow up with you.
  • Call the Employment Security Department’s WA Cares representatives at the (833) 717-2273.

​​​​​Now Hiring at Four Veterans Homes Across the State

Are you a CNA, RN or LPN looking for a career that allows you to give back to your community and provide compassionate care to Veterans?
Contact for more information or visit:

More Info: Please visit Employment to see the opportunities that we have! 
You can also contact a recruiter at

Land for Veterans to Learn and Heal

In the Orting valley, a patch of land at the Washington Soldiers Home lends itself to healing and educating veterans through agriculture. 

Carrie Little, Veterans Farm manager, is committed to building a place where vets can explore their agricultural interests in the fertile soil along the Puyallup River and access a network of programs, resources and earned benefits.

This vision comes alive through half-acre parcels that veterans can lease for $50 per year for up to three years.

They can use their leased land to grow row crops, raise small livestock and poultry and even cultivate beehives...Read More:

Story via Pierce County Government


If you or someone you know has hired a veteran in 2021,

please visit:

YesVets Reaches 5500 Veterans Hired



WDVA Food Service Worker, Port Orchard

WDVA Program Specialist 5, Seattle

WDVA Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN2), Port Orchard

WDVA Charge Nurse, Registered Nurse 2, Port Orchard

WDVA Nursing Assistant Lead, Port Orchard

WDVA Medical Director (Physician 3), Part-Time, Spokane

WDVA Cook 1, On-Call, Walla Walla

WDVA Registered Nurse (RN 2), Walla Walla

WDVA Registered Nurse (RN2), Spokane

WDVA Bus Driver (Truck Driver 1), On-Call, Walla Walla

WDVA Nursing Assistant Lead, Non Permanent, Port Orchard

WDVA Registered Nurse (RN3), Non-Perm, Port Orchard

To Apply or for more Information on Available Employment Opportunities:

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