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Residential Life and Housing (RLH) is continuing to assess and respond to reported concerns related to humidity, moisture and mold in Johnson Hall. As noted in our email to all building residents on October 14, 2021, we worked with the Office of Environmental Health and Safety to bring in an outside contractor to complete an air quality assessment throughout the building. 

To date, we have inspected 78 total spaces throughout the building and 7 of those spaces were found to have an elevated spore count of mold when compared to the outside reference sample. We have already contacted residents whose individual rooms had unacceptable air quality levels with information about relocation. Areas of high moisture or humidity were also identified during the inspection and are currently being addressed with additional dehumidifiers in those spaces.
Out of an abundance of caution, we will be conducting air quality testing in all remaining residential spaces of Johnson Hall starting on Monday, November 1 and continuing for several days. A RLH staff member will be escorting the outside contractor throughout the residential spaces in the building. Residents do not need to be present for the air quality testing. The assessment process in each space will take approximately 10 minutes. 

RLH will continue to contact residents whose individual rooms are found to have unacceptable air quality levels, and communicate next steps. Facilities Management will place dehumidifiers in areas with elevated moisture or humidity, and we ask that you do not disturb or turn off these machines. If a dehumidifier was placed in your room, facilities staff will enter your room daily to empty the dehumidifier so that it continues to run properly.

Residential Life and Housing will continue to monitor the situation, address this concern, and minimize the amount of disruption to your activities within the building. If you have a facility concern in your room, please submit a work order through the following link:

Thank you for your understanding as we continue to address facility concerns within Johnson Hall.


VCU Residential Life and Housing